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Decent advice on how to get homework done when you are tired

Homework is given by all teachers and instructors to ensure that their students do their research on the topics taught in class. Students due to the number of extracurricular activities they are involved in, procrastinate it for as long as possible or feel too tired to write their dissertation or essay by the end of the day. This results in them are getting a bad grade at the end of the term.

Here are some tips on how to tackle the thesis, dissertation, essays or any type of homework on any subject that is given:

  1. Plan so that you will have free time after you finish school. You need to create a window of time in the day where you will devote entirely to this purpose.
  2. You need to find something that will motivate you. This motivation can be perhaps becoming a valedictorian or get through the term in flying colors or anything not even connected with the school. You need to have goals and then reward yourself for attaining those goals.
  3. You need to be prepared before you start tackling the dissertation, essay or thesis. Else you will just end up in trying to think of new ways and means of procrastinating.
  4. Break down the work. Scan the topic. Start with the first step and take it logically, allowing it to flow.
  5. Distractions should be kept far away especially when you are tired, as it is easy to give in to distractions rather than tackle the work at hand, especially when you are fatigued.
  6. You should start with the hardest subject first and then work your way to the easiest.
  7. Manage your time well and do not waste time in too many short breaks or by sitting in an area where there are distractions like music, TV or conversations, as this will decrease your concentration levels. Set a timer and time your breaks as well as your period of study.
  8. Think of the consequences of not doing the essay or the freelance topic given.
  9. Think of the benefits of doing the work on time
  10. Find a partner to work with you as this helps you stay focused
  11. Use simple problems which will help you with your research of more complicated tasks.